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  1. Prepare 20 – 30 cards using magazines, printouts from websites etc. You choose either specific objects: sunglasses, refrigerator, tomato, or an action: raking hay, launching a rocket, eating.
  2. Define a problem situation that requires finding a solution or an alternative approach i.e. set up the topic for generating ideas. Write down the problem or key words in the center of the page or the whiteboard to start.
  3. Draw the first card. Write down all the possible associations that relate with what you see on the card. Any associations. For example, if it is a banana: yellow, soft, crescent- shaped, healthy, tropical, uncharacteristic for Northern climate, monkeys, banana bread, ice cream, etc.
  4. Pull out the next card and do the same thing.
  5. Continue until the board or page is filled up with different associations.
  6. Try to find a common thread between the chosen problem and the associations written down.
  7. Choose and define at least 5 new, original ideas that arose as a result of this task for your chosen problem.

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