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  1. Idea Generation. Choose 1 problem situation that you want to solve by offering new, original approaches. It can also be a goal you want to achieve in the future.
    Take 10 – 15 minutes to generate as many ideas as you can on the chosen topic.
  2. Idea Grinding. Write down all the ideas on the board or a large sheet of paper. If possible, divide the ideas into similar categories.
    In groups, hone relevant ideas: combining them, elaborating on them, reformulating them, amending them to come up with an improved version.
  3. Idea Dissection. Choose 1-3 ideas to continue working on. Create a list of tasks or sequential steps, that need to be taken The steps should be written on the board.
    Participants can express their opinion verbally or by marking with “+” the step or task they agree with.
  4. Idea Generalisation. This step refers to the validation of ideas, or real implementation in life. Adolescents learn to define hypotheses and find ways to confirm or reject them. Take one of the ideas, create a hypothesis, prove or reject the hypothesis.

Problem: Unhealthy eating habits, students refusing lunch in the canteen in favor of fast food.
Idea: Offer only vegetarian food in the school canteen twice a week.
Hypothesis (impossible to prove): Vegetarian food is tastes better than meat and fish.
Hypothesis (possible to prove): Students in school “X” prefer vegetable dishes over meat or fish options.

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