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Inspired by the Holland Code

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  1. In this step, participants have the opportunity to get familiar with the method created by John Holland. We use an adapted version when working with young people, but if time allows, the original can also be found online and used.
  2. Participants should familiarise themselves with the 6-category model. By reading the statements and underlining the most characteristic personality traits, adolescents are approaching a clearer view of what education and professional paths can be taken in the future. Data gathered in step 6 and 7 will be crucial while designing life scenarios during the step N# 8 and further developing a detailed action plan in step N# 9.
  3. If necessary, this is a good time to reflect and revise information obtained in the previous steps, because at this point participants are asked to maneuvre with that information interchangebly to see how it all comes together.

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