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  1. Remember about creating a non-judgment environment before the interview takes place. Make sure the conversation partner feels comfortable.
  2. Ahead of the conversation, agree on boundaries, topics or people you want to cover. This will help create a safe environment, will not offend or hurt the interviewee if one of the topics is particularly sensitive. You can agree on a gesture that will indicate that the interviewee does not want to or does not feel comfortable answering a question. Sign language will always be easier than verbal confession. If you are the interviewer, remember that the wellbeing and safety of the interviewee is a priority.
  3. When the interview is over, switch roles.
  4. After conducting both interviews, allow time for reflection and compilation of responses.
  5. Present the other person by revealing their personality traits and interests, based on the person’s own words. It is important not to judge the other, but to emphasize the good qualities. 

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