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Life Balance Wheel

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  1. The leader introduces the participants with the “Life Balance Wheel” worksheet. It is discussed together whether the existing categories and their titles are understandable and acceptable. If necessary, the type of category can be changed.
  2. You can use the sample worksheet with the suggested 10 categories or write your own on the blank worksheet. Over time, it is possible to create a “Life Balance Wheel” only about specific task, by examining in detail 8 – 10 components that characterise that particular area.
  3. Participants should assess the level of satisfaction in the specified area: money, relationships, work, education, hobbies, etc. in the interval from 1 to 10.
  4. “Life Balance Wheel” can be used to determine priorities and establish an action plan within each category, as a self-diagnosis tool, to understand with a visual result which area of life needs more attention. It can be used as a progress tool, comparing results at a certain time interval, for example, at the first meeting and after a month or a year, provided that certain actions are taken to improve the situation and introduce changes.
  5. It is important to remember that no person will have a “10” in all 10 categories. The concept of balance can be different for everyone.

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