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Tree of Life. Me in my 30-ties

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In this step, the adoelescents become the designers of their life. They imagine the overall picture of life at the age of 30 and need to outline what has been achieved in the various components of quality of life and the most important results to be achieved towards them.

  1. In the stage of designing life scenarios, the results of previous stages from the completed worksheets and the notes made are used, youth are encouraged to review and supplement the content of the worksheets.
  2. The leader introduces youth to the task “Tree of Life” worksheet. Adolescents are invited to take a look at their completed worksheet “Life Balance Wheel”, where the components of quality of life (work, education, family, money, health, friends, hobbies, leisure and the environment) are found and discussed together with youth.
  3. Youth should describe themselves at the age of 30 in one sentence, covering different aspects of quality of life. To stimulate imagination, adolescents are encouraged to look at their lives at the age of 30 as a movei for which they need to come up with the content of a self-promotional clip:
    The task is to consider a teaser for own life’s movie. The better the teaser, the greater the audience’s interest in the premiere. Such promotional clips usually include the movie’s most exciting shots, scenes, turning points in the main characters’ stories, etc. Imagine making a teaser of what your life will look like in your 30s.
    Create a teaser for a movie you really want to watch!
  4. The worksheet should outline the progress made in all components of quality of life and the most important steps towards it. On the worksheet on each sheet of the tree, youth need to write a set of events, achievements or actions that characterise each of the quality of life components. The more detailed the view, the wider the options for action will be.
  5. Adolescents present tree of life model – a vision of life at the age of 30. Questions for discussion:
    – From where you are now, do you think there is enough time to achieve the life you have envisioned?
    – What would be the reference points, for example, at the age of 20, 25, 29, to be able to assess how the – progress towards the goal is progressing?
    – How much will you rely on luck and the coincidence of circumstances?
    – How much will you rely on your present talents and how much – on the invested time and work?

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Worksheet. TREE OF LIFE. Me in my 30ties

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