Before you finish

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An idiom ”there is no such thing as finish” can seem exhausting putting everyone on a never- ending race, but it is worth remembering that everything is about a perspective.

At this point 9 steps have been accomplished; there have been many revelations, life scenarios created and pathway plans shortlisted.

Two important takeaways :

Actions towards the goal

Action plan needs to be active, so make sure it does not stay on paper. It helps if the adolescent is aware that help, guidance and encouragement is available. Remember, there was a task to write down a support group of people who might help on the way. Advise to the adolescent: make people around you part of your plan! If they know you have a goal ahead of you, they will keep you accountable simply by asking – how is it going? how is your plan going? are you getting closer to your goal etc.?

Review progress & adjust plans

It is advisable to set some evaluation criteria and timeframe to review achievements and, if necessary, corrective actions. Yes, plans can change, or just part of them and adolescents need constant support to stay curious. Mastering design and creative thinking helps to adapt quickly to new circumstances and to seek unconventional solutions.

You have reached the end