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Designig Life Scenarios

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  1. This step is further continuation of developing life scenarios , which was begun in the previous step “The overall picture of my life at the age of 30”.
  2. The adolescents develop separate scenarios for each professional direction of interest (A, B and C scenario), evaluating the components Work and Education.
  3. In the leaves of the tree, it is necessary to write down the most important things to be achieved at certain age periods, starting with primary school studies and up to graduation, then deliberate continuation of education or learning a profession and further studies and professional development in order to achieve the imagined professional status and at the same time ensure other aspects of the quality of life, including “money”, “family”, “environment”, etc.

Task is to create a tree of life – a plan for these three professions of interest chosen in the previous steps. Compare what qualities, skills and requirements overlap regardless of the career path you choose. Which of the aspects of quality are variable and which are constant?

Scenario A, (realistic) – self-realization in the profession or professional direction that interests you the most and corresponds to the personality characteristics, talents and skills.

Scenario B (alternative) – the choice of a profession or professional direction that is of interest as the next option after profession A, in which one could implement oneself if, for some reason, profession A would no longer be feasible or there is not enough information about this profession at the given moment to be able to claim that it is really of interest.

Scenario C (free)– self-realization in a completely different profession, which you would choose if you did not have to think about how much you receive in it or how prestigious this profession is and what others will think about your choice

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Designing Life Scenarios