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  1. This is the finish line, so first of all, congratulations! That implies both, to adults and youth, because the job has been done as a team effort. A great deal of self-discovery has been done, resulting in valuable raw material to use as a springboard for many situations in life.
  2. In the previous stage life scenarios were created for various professional directions in which to potentially realize oneself in the future, according to both current interests and the imagined quality of life.
  3. Depending on adolescent’s position within the education program (7th, 8th, 9th grade or high school), together with a competent adult , the participants can agree on the time frame in which an action plan will be employed, perhaps for coming month, current semester, year. A detailed plan for a shorter period of time and a more general plan for several years ahead is also an option.
  4. Complexity of action plans may vary depending on previous knowledge and/or interest in a particular profession. As more novice in some field, as simpler tasks. It is important to be aware that swift progress towards the goal is not always crucial. If one needs certain amount of stops, encourage to schedule such. Stops are also part of the action plan.
  5. As participants are in process of implementing the action plan, keep in mind that adjustments may occur. Facilitators are invited to support and encourage adolescents to seek alternative solutions.

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