Design og Kreativ Tænkning Udvikling Værktøjsæt Reaserch

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Executive summary

Quantitative and qualitative research was carried out in Latvia, Estonia and Denmark from September 2021 to May 2022. The purpose of research was to gather data about the available design and creative thinking methods already used in working with youth (age interval 13 to 16 years). Main criteria for existing tool selection was to find the ones providing a positive impact on adolescents’ general well-being, motivation, self-esteem and growth-oriented mindset. It was also important to identify challenges, problems and necessary methodological support for productive use design and creative thinking methods.

Data gathered during the research phase was further systematized and analyzed. All conclusions served as the basis for the design and creative thinking development toolkit (second intellectual outcome), methodological material (third intellectual outcome) and e-platform (fourth intellectual outcome) developed within the project.