Competencies Required by Professions

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This stage is to understand the differences between personality traits, talents, interests, skills and competencies. The task is to identify competences what are needed to pursue a certain goal.

By using varios tools an adolescent clarifies the following three components: certain interests and therefore knowledge or information about them, experience or empirical data based on this knowledge (e.g. has student tried himself in a specific field of interest etc.) and possible attitudes or opinions. Adolescents are learning how their own qualities, passions, interests and skills can grow into a profession, developing a decent level of competence.

By completing this step, you should be able to:

  • link 3 possible professional choices with personal interests and qualities and transfer to skills and competencies needed for the professional path.
  • analyse each of the selected directions from the perspective of competencies required to succeed in a certain profession and skills that one already has or needs to develop.
  • answer the question: What personal qualities will be helpful for my selected professional choices and what qualities or competencies should be further developed to thrive?

Good to know

What lies behind people’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with work is a level of interest. These are activities we enjoy doing regardless of job title. The trick to finding satisfaction in your chosen profession may be identifying those core interests and tailoring your job or profession to them.

In the ideal world, we would choose a career that matches our core interests, but this is not always possible. Understanding how the concepts of personality and profession interact can be critical to successful growth and satisfaction with career choices.