Scenarios Selection. Action Plan

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By using reflective exercises adolescent finalizes life scenarios – what is needed for fulfilling their dream: what they already have and what needs to be acquired and identifies how to overcome inner fears and insecurities. The adolescent then chooses top priorities for the near future, and streamlines the action plan to get to know selected professions in depth and/or develop the necessary skills, so that after completing basic education, one can successfully continue to progress towards achieving the goals. Learn to acknowledge that adjustments are inevitable and meantime necessary in order to reach goals.

By completing this step, you should be able to:

  • Reflect on finds during all 9 steps identifying personality traits, choosing career paths, designing life scenarios, and creating action plans.
  • Evaluate your choices. Weight the created action plan, agree upon further actions. Become aware of contingencies and adjustments.

Good to know

Designing life scenarios can be used as a one-time activity, but best results could be achieved, if reflectingeriodically and acknowledging a need for changes, adjusting the goals and steps to be taken.